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Razor® Kurīmubakkā Cream Bucker Humbucking Pickup

Razor® Kurīmubakkā Cream Bucker Humbucking Pickup



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Razor® - Cut Through The Mix„¢

Like a sleeping dragon, Razor has been quietly crafting exceptional guitar and bass pickups in Japan since 1996.  Originally conceived to provide players with high-quality upgrade options, the emphasis was always on quality and consistency vs. hype and promotion.  Designed in Texas and manufactured in Japan, the brand uniquely combines an American understanding of tone with exceptional MIJ production standards.  Today, the dragon is awake, and ready to rule the oceans of tone.  Fine as a razor™s edge, your tone will cut through the mix!   

Razor® Kurā«mubakkā Cream Bucker Humbucking Pickup

'クリームバッカー - (pronounced Kurā«mubakkā) - Cream Bucker

Designed to push an amplifier into creamy overdrive, the Razor® Kurā«mubakkā (Cream Bucker) Humbucking Pickup offers a powerful blend of crunch, grit and sustain.  If you've been looking for a humbucker that delivers a bold yet articulate tone, our Kurā«mubakkā will rise to the top!  


  • Output:  10.5k
  • Pole Spacing: 50mm
  • Magnets: Alnico 5
  • Winding Wire:  #6 Urethane
  • Wiring:  Two hot leads (red and white one for each coil), plus a separate ground wire allows for sweeter coil-tapped single-coil tones and full-power humbucking roar.  
  • Included Covers:  None
  • Included Parts:  Black low profile ring, screws and springs for mounting pickup to ring, ring mounting screws
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