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Crimson's new & improved steel fret rocker, now with 5 precision ground straight edges, is the first rocker to work on Guitars, Bass guitars and Mandolins, (and other short scale instruments). 

A fret rocker is the ideal tool to pinpoint that elusive high fret that has been giving you trouble and causing your guitar to buzz.  The five sides are precision cut from 5mm steel and then HAND ground and lapped to a flatness of 0.001mm in a meter.  This is flatter in fact than most commercial straight edges and guaranteed with the Crimson Guitars seal ofquality and durability.

With a hard wearing, tactile black satin finish, which makes it much easier to see any gaps when you are using this tool, and gives the tool a textured surface, reducing the risk of dropping the tool on your guitar.

Each side of the five-sided straight edge is a different length and fits neatly over 3 of your guitars frets, if it rocks then the middle fret is high and needs to be dressed using our fret leveling or spot leveling files.

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