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This bridge for the Danelectro bass comes with saddles, screws and allen key included.


NB. The front two mounting holes match up with the longhorn bass bridge (BB-3810-010). However the rear mounting hole does not so adjustment to the body would need to be made if replacing the longhorn bass bridge with this one.


Bridge Plate

Length at widest part: 95mm

Length at narrowest part: 65mm

Width: 46mm

Height (not inc lip): 3mm

Height (inc. lip): 11.3mm

Thickness of lip: 8mm

Distance between string holes (E-G centre to centre): 50mm

Overall distance between mounting screw holes (at front of plate centre to centre): 76mm



Length: 23mm

Width: 16.6mm

Height at tallest part: 4.8mm

Height at shortest part: 2.1mm



Saddle height screws: Length: 4.8mm

                              : Diameter: 3mm (imperial thread: 5-40)

Saddle intontaion screw: Length (inc. head): 7.2mm

                                  : Diameter: 3mm (imperial thread: 5-40)

                                  : Diameter of head: 4.5mm

Mounting screws (for front of plate): Length (inc. head): 45mm

                                                   : Diameter : 4mm

                                                   : Diameter of head : 7.8mm

Mounting screw (for back of plate): Length (inc. head) : 39mm

                                                 : Diameter: 5mm

                                                 : Diameter of head: 7.8mm

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