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Bridge and Tailpiece for Rickenbacker Bass, Chrome

This bridge and tailpiece for Rickenbacker® Bass in chrome comes with mounting screws included.


          Dimensions of base plate

  • Width at the front : 98mm
  • Height at the front : 24mm
  • Distance between the posts at the front (centre to centre) : 82mm
  • Distance between front and back : 101mm
  • Width at the back : 73mm
  • Height at the back at top of slope : 21mm
  • Height at the back at bottom of slope : 14mm
  • Distance between 3 screwholes under bridge (centre to centre) : 58mm (29mm between each screwhole)
  • Distance between 2 back mounting holes (centre to centre) : 52mm
  • Distance between large string holes (centre to centre) : 50mm (16mm between each)
  • Distance between smaller string holes at back (centre to centre) : 50mm (16mm between each)

    Bridge piece dimensions

  • Width of bridge : 83mm
  • Distance between allen screw posts : 78mm
  • Allen screw diameter : 3.9mm
  • Allen screw height : 15mm
  • String spacing (centre to centre of string slots) : 52.5mm

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