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active under saddle with in-line preamp & leather battery bag

The Snake is Headway's high-performance active pickup offering an uncannily natural sound and quality features at a budget price. Headway have managed to cut the cost of The Snake by virtue of revolutionary design. This system has a tiny but robust micro pre-amp which appeals to musician requiring acoustic pick-ups to have an absolute minimum possible impact on instruments, as The Snake is easier to fit where internal body access is difficult. Like the High-End pick-ups, 'The Snake' series have a class 'A' section pre-amp, pro-audio IC chip and instrument-specific fixed EQ. The SNAKE3 AG is tailored for Acoustic Steel Strung Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandocello, Octave Mandola and Octave Mandolin.

Full balanced sound and natural tone

Class "A" operation

Surface-mount micro pre-amp

All round sensing flexible transducer picks up more, and rejects feedback

Suits all string spacings, nylon and 12's

Versatile low impedance output

Protected against moisture, vibration, hum and RF; also offers reduced body noise

Extended battery life from single PP3 battery

Quality, all discrete components

Individually tested

Leather/Velcro battery bag

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